Another Gospel

David Takle

I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel (Gal.1:6)

The Western Christian Church today is currently undergoing a precipitous decline in numbers, power, and relevence. Many theories have been suggested as to why we are no longer reaching the people of our culture, and why it is that we can now refer to this time in the West as the post-Christian era. I would like to propose that the reason is simply this: that the Christian church as a whole is no longer preaching the Gospel of the New Testament.

One of the great ironies of the modern church is that many Christians who proclaim the “gospel” the loudest are in fact guilty of preaching something that is not even true. This includes every denomination from the most liberal social gospel to the most fundamentalist hell-fire-and-brimstone plea for repentance. Most of these theologies are but poor reflections of the gospel preached by Jesus, Paul, and the other leaders of the early church.

Now I realize that nearly everyone who promotes one of these distorted gospels will argue strongly that he/she preaches the true gospel, and that it is all those other people who are in error. I am not so sure that this article will convince any of them that their particular brand of the message has in fact destroyed the power of the gospel. So this article is intended to offer an explanation of the losses of Western Christianity to those who have the eyes to see that the church is in ruins and is willing to consider, if just for the sake of argument, that the real message of the New Covenant has been stripped of its heart and purpose, and that such caricatures of the gospel have lead directly to a religious climate that lacks credibility, authenticity, and meaning.

While there are many variations on this theme, virtually all of the gospel pretenders fall into one of three categories:

1. The Gospel on the Left

The message here is that our greatest problems are a toxic environment, institutionalized oppression, and other evils of society. If we would simply all do random acts of kindness and prohibit all forms of organized evil, we could all live in harmony and bring about the Kingdom of God. In short, we need to identify and destroy evil through legislation and other cooperative means.

2. The Gospel on the Right

At the other end of the spectrum is the message that sin is bound up in the individual, and that our greatest problem is not the condition of society but the condition of the human soul. The gospel is all about how to rid oneself of the stain of sin so that he/she can go to heaven when they die. Printed tracts put out by the right present the alternatives in very clear terms: either pray the prayer on this page or go to hell.

3. The Gospel of the Consumer

The last variety may or may not be very explicit about being on the right or the left. The most important aspect here is that the gospel will meet your felt needs, primarily emotional and financial. Sunday morning gatherings are full stage productions, with entertainment being high on the agenda, regardless of what terms are actually used. When people grow tired of the show, they go find another church or simply opt for playing golf.

What’s Missing

The problem with all of the above approaches is that no one is preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, which is, God has decided to make his home inside us so that he can make us into the people he wants to have for his own. God is not just trying to see how many souls he can pull off this sinking ship called Earth before it goes down. And trying to build a just society without changing the human heart is doomed to failure.

God’s real heart is to transform human beings into light and salt for the earth and into creatures who live and breathe the presence of God in their lives. This is not an optional second-level goal that He would like to have from those who have accepted some get-out-of-hell free card. Nor is it some future result of fixing society. Rather, transforming people into the people of God what redemption is all about.

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2 Responses to “Another Gospel”

  • Theodore A. Jones says:

    Why is baptism in water a requirement in the process of becoming born again of God?
    There are many religious proposals asserting that if they are believed and followed the result is a union with God, a god or many gods, which are supposedly unseen beings of supernatural power.
    “No man hath seen God at any time.” The main claim the Bible makes is that the god it describes as God is the only Living God. And it is only this God who has supernatural power for no other gods have any power whatsoever. “There are no other gods besides Me and you shall not have any other gods beside Me.” Period. But devious sinful mankind, who is practically unalterably wicked because of being a natural descendent of Adam, has the devious idea that the Living God did not mean exactly what he said. And no matter what form God presents himself in, unseen, manifested in the flesh and even in one Word, devious wicked mankind always erroneously thinks he has the best ideas regardless of what the Living God says. There is nothing of greater contrast, absurdity and oxymoronic than this one term, YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN, to the naturally born human. Because the naturally born erroneously thinks he is a child of God, but the actual truth about him is “Ye are the children of your father the Devil” which is the curse of natural birth to both the Jew and Gentile alike.
    There are two things we all know from the Bible. But regardless of whether one accepts these things as being true it does not change these facts into not being true. The man, titled as the Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible, is God manifested in the flesh. The man, titled as the only Begotten Son of the Living God, has perfected the only Way any child of the Devil by natural birth can escape from that curse by his crucifixion. However the naturally born must have the faith to use, put into physical human practice, exactly what the Lord thy God says through the apostles to become redeemed from the curse of your physical natural birth. This has only produced another child of the Devil.
    In all of your cases there are actually four things you must have the faith to do in order to be redeemed from the curse of your natural birth.
    1. Lay aside every contemporary explanation of salvation which you have read, heard from any contemporary church’s pulpit. The salvation doctrines of all theologians and whomever they have taught, and whoever positively pontificates in any form that what theologians teach about the Lord’s Way of salvation is not falsehood. For their doctrines of salvation are specifically designed to keep you out of God’s kingdom and t
    2. If you get over that hurdle, which I doubt many of you will, it is necessary to test what I teach. In other words you will have the faith to try what I teach to prove or disprove what I teach. If any of you sincerely obey my gospel one or more of the spiritual gifts listed by the apostles will be physically manifested in you proving what I teach is actually true. But the required confession must be your honest conviction or it is a lie.
    3. Hurdle three. Where the rubber meets the road and what every theologian and contemporary preacher hotly contests and must contest. But if you continue to believe what they contest and pontificate there is no hope of you escaping the curse of your natural birth. None. For this is the actual key you must have the faith to hope, trust in, and in sincerity use to escape from the consequence of your natural birth. For there is absolutely no other way of escaping the curse of natural birth and the curse of the law. For by Jesus’ crucifixion a law has been added to the law. And you must have the faith to obey this law exactly as you have been commanded by the Lord thy God given through the apostles. Or willfully disobey a law of God which is not forgivable. Which is what Jesus meant by saying “they are now being forced in” by the law added to the law by and after his crucifixion?
    4. Hurdle four. Recanting your former ways of salvation and be baptized into the new testimony about Jesus’ bloodshed. For without the shedding of His blood there is no remission of sin’s penalty for any of the naturally born. But understand me clearly. The crucifixion of Jesus’ has only perfected the Way you might escape from the curse of your natural birth and the law’s penalty. But to escape both you must by faith, sight unseen, obey an actual law that has been entered into the law as an act of righteousness. That if correctly obeyed by any naturally born individual God will declare him righteous as he promises.
    “It is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.”Rom. 2:13
    The only Way this law, the Law of the Spirit, can be obeyed is by making this confession directly to God sincerely meaning it in your heart and be baptized in water to receive the promise.
    “Oh God I am so truly and sincerely sorry your only begotten son Jesus’ lost his life by bloodshed when he was crucified.” There is no other way to escape.
    “I am not ashamed: for
    I know whom I have
    believed, and am
    persuaded that he is
    able to keep
    that confession
    which I have committed
    unto Him against
    that day.
    Theodore A. Jones

  • admin says:

    This sounds very complicated….!

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