When I began my last blogsite (Theocratic Christianity [Ed – Now extinct]), I began with a post titled “Watch This Space…“, which was to serve as a place marker for future content. Now it serves as an expression of the the very heart of Theocratic Christianity (TC), as typified through the life and frustrations of a man (ie, me).

I have not wanted to make this site about myself, as such, but about an idea; that idea being a Christian life lived essentially and practically under the direct rule of God, Himself. A life that has its inspiration, energy and fulfillment being ultimately of, through and to Him alone, with any other source, means and destination being merely secondary and incidental. A Christianity where its application is utterly and uncompromisingly consistent with its theory.

The key is the “Life” as opposed to the “method”, knowing that God intends for that “life” be expressed “through” our “method”. If our focus is merely upon “methodology” without consideration of the “Life” that proves it as valid, then we have mere religion, and risk drifting into “hypocrisy”. Sadly this seems to be the norm amongst professing believers. They have no problem seeing that their “justification” is by “faith alone”, but out of a fear the they would demonstrate their “faith without works”, they never consider that their “walk” is “by faith” also. There may be a proper orthodoxy in their “belief system”, but experientially, the “faith once delivered to the saints” remains allusive. Their conversation and conduct betray a “striving”, in spite of rhetorical responses to the contrary, when asked.

My point here isn’t to highlight the issue of “false conversion“, which is very much a real issue, but to acknowledge the existence of those who have genuinely received the gift of grace for salvation, but are yet to enter into His rest. This is the defining factor of TC, the process of coming into spiritual maturity, to the place of seeing “God only”. Note that in 1 John 2:12-14 says the little children’s sins are forgiven, before saying that the young men have overcome the wicked one, meaning that “victory” is not synonymous with “salvation”. He also put knowing “Him that is from the beginning” after both of these, into the hands of the fathers, meaning that “restedness” isn’t the same either.

So that is the “what it is” of TC. Now the reason for this addendum: something of a “what it’s not”. This was inspired by a conversation I had with someone, about the old blog, along with an email conversation I had been having with another brother. In that initial post, I mentioned some of the processes at work in my coming into an understanding of what I have come to call TC. I spoke of some of the places that I have found like minded people in specific areas of TC, and it would seem that my words could have been taken that I mean that these activities equate to these areas.

That is, evangelism equating to open air preaching, community equating to house church movements and theocracy equating to “deeper life” teaching. I guess these things can encompass what I mean, but sadly it is not always the case. Also, in my observation, the display of these principles are not limited to these realms. I have met diligent spontaneous evangelists who would never attend an open air meeting, as have I met people at open air meetings who are too timid to actively evangelise. I have seen similar tendencies concerning Christian community, with some outside of the institutional church becoming elitist toward others and guarded in fellowship, and then some in more traditional church environs (both conservative and charismatic) who are both experiencing and exhibiting the kind of community that I am referring to.

In many ways what has and will be presented here will seem a little esoteric and, dare I say, mystical. It may even appear distant and theoretical, but I assure you that, in spite of appearances, this offering will be comprised of vitally real and highly practical truth. It may, at times, be difficult to comprehend for I, as Paul, hope to “speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory”.

Much of what is contained here is an attempt to utter the unutterable, and define the indefinable. Mere words have the tendency to cause it to appear complicated, when it is actully simple, or at very least spring to mind theological statements that, although are not consciously grasped experientially, are acknowledged as accurate, in a creedal fashion. Even my words used here feel as though they fall from my “mouth”, as it were, only to hit the floor, requiring the use of a uncommon vocabulary, so that the hearer needs to gather them individually, and struggle with dictionaries, to avoid complacent definition. Essentially, this is subject matter that cannot be grasped by mere intellect alone, but must be revealed by the Spirit of God.

I remember an old television commercial for Johnny Walker scotch whiskey, where an Asian bar-tender spoke of this whiskey and how good it was. After speaking of it in such a mysterious way, he said, “…and I show them (puts bottle on bar) … ‘Jolly Wokka’. Hard to pronounce, but Jolly Wokka … easy to drink. Have one with me. Yes?” And so hear are these “words”, dedicated to a theme that also is “hard to pronounce, easy to drink”. To quote Brian Coatney, “The Christian life is not difficult. It is often excruciating, but it is simple.”

In His grip,


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5 Responses to “About”

  • Naeem Gill says:

    Dear Pastor in Christ,

    Praise the Lord,

    This is Naeem Gill from Pakistan. It is honor for me to share with you that I am daily reader of your website. For last many days I was planning to write you my suggestions for your precious website.

    Whatever I am learning from your website I think it should be spread to our whole community in Pakistan. I think at this situation of Pakistan we need to become stronger in our faith.

    I think this website should also available for Urdu and Punjabi reader and listeners as well. I humbly request you to expand your outreach your program in Urdu and Punjabi language. I really wish to translate these of yours teachings into Urdu and Punjabi languages. This will bring a lot of blessings for Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. Although it will cost a little bit but it will not be as much higher as these people are. There are many ideas to work together which we can share. I will be waiting for your reply.

    In Christ,
    Naeem Gill

  • hello Aaron,
    Please take down the pdfs of Art Katz’s books. They are copyrighted. Thanks. Simon

  • Peter Brock says:

    I am the new administrator for Art Katz Ministries materials. Please contact me via my email.

  • admin says:

    Art Katz material has been removed as requested. My apologies if I have offended anyone.

  • admin says:

    Following are some excerpts of a conversation with Peter Brock of Art Katz Ministries:
    Greetings, Aaron,
    I apologize for any difficulties.
    I am now overseeing Art Katz Ministries and, as he always maintained liberality with his messages, we would like to extend this gesture to you.
    I do not know what your communication was with Simon Hensman, who is no longer part of Art Katz Ministries or the Ben Israel Fellowship.
    If you would please describe to me what your previous uses of Art’s materials were and how you would like to restore this or pursue any further projects, we would be happy to consider it.
    Let me know, and thank you for writing.
    Peter Brock
    Thanks for your reply. Both your, and Simons comments can be found in comments section of http://www.theocraticfaith.com/about/
    In essence I was hosting PDF copies of Ben Israel- Apprehended by God, Apostolic Foundations, Spirit of Truth, and The Holocaust, Where Was God, for free download. The PDF documents were put together by myself, cut and pasted from HTML versions, previously found on the Ben Israel website. As for “previous uses”, basically my aim is to make Art’s materials available to benefit people, as they benefited myself.
    I first became exposed to Art Katz around 2004 through Greg Gordon’s SermonIndex website. The Lord greatly used Art, amongst others, to fill in the gaps, as I started to find fault in the church that I was attending at the time. He showed me that there was another way, and that I was as much a part of the “problem” as anyone else. I had the privilege of meeting Art in Melbourne 2005, not long before my life plunged into a cataclysmic transformation, culminating in my marriage ending. I also had the joy of meeting Eugene Goncharov and his family during this time, and spent a period fellowshipping with them.
    Primarily TheocraticFaith.com is a point of reference that I use to point fellow sojourners to, as I meet them in the world. Granted, it had been relatively neglected of late, but perhaps this turn of events shall cause me to pull my proverbial finger out.
    I’d be happy to put his materials back up again, and if you think of anything that you’d recommend including, feel free to let me know.
    In Him,
    Aaron Ireland

    Put them back up at your leisure. Also, if you see anything in the AKM bookstore site you want, let me know and I’ll have them on their way.
    We’re also trying to come up with some unique Art Katz messages and events over the years that have never made it into the “approved” collections. Both excerpted messages and longer ones. For instance, his last tour in Africa in 2005 and a subsequent journey through the Ukraine and Bulgaria. The quality of audio was not exceptional, but the messages were profound.
    Let me know. I apologize for the inconvenience(s) you encountered previously.
    p.s. Greg is an exceptional brother…

    So there you go. The books will be back up as soon as I get a chance.

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